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The Wedding Report Help/FAQ

I just purchased a membership but it won't let me sign in.

First, check to make sure you received and email from us that your membership is active (also check your junk email folder). Next, make sure the email you are trying to sign in with is the email you used when you started the sign up process. If you are still having difficulties, contact us and will help figure out what is going on.

I paid for a membership, will I be re-billed?

Only if you purchased a recurring billing membership. Check the original email receipt we sent you for details. If you purchased a report or non-recurring membership, no, those purchases are for a specific item or a fixed period of time and you will have to personally repurchase or renew.

How do I cancel a recurring billing membership?

Please send an email to with the email address used for the purchase and we'll take care of it.

How do I update my credit card for recurring billing?

You can update your credit card information by going to enter your 2CO order number from the original payment email then enter your email address and click "Find my order" scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link "Update my billing information.” Enter your new credit card information and you’ll be all set.

Where does your data come from and how do you get the numbers you have?

Have a look at the methodology page.

Wedding Data Included

Wedding data from 2008 to 2021 for 55 products and services in 10 categories.

Plus current year wedding statistics for...

Over 400 wedding statistics for each market!

Sample Reports

(PDF) Complete Market Report

(Excel) Item Summary

(Excel) Online Item Summary

(CSV) Item Download - Market Summary Item

(CSV) Weddings by Month

(CSV) Number of Guest

(CSV) Spending by Number of Guest

(CSV) Travel Distance

(CSV) Total Weddings vs. Originating Weddings

(CSV) Demographic - Age

(CSV) Demographic - Education

(CSV) Demographic - Household Income

(CSV) Demographic - Occupation

(CSV) Demographic - Race


Regions and Divisions Map

Metropolitan Areas Map (CBSA - Core Based Statistical Areas)

States and Counties Map

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