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Wedding Trends

2016 U.S. Median Cost of a Wedding was $14,399
2016 Average Cost of Wedding in the U.S. up 3/10ths of a percent to $26,720
2016 Q3 Average Cost of Wedding in the U.S. Up 1/10th of a percent to $26,536
2016 Q2 Average Cost of Wedding in the US Down 4/10ths of a Percent to $26,519
2016 Q1 Average Cost of Wedding in the US Down 1/10th of a Percent to $26,619
2015 Average Cost of Wedding in the US Rose Slightly to $26,645
Couples Travel 53 Miles From Their Home to Get Married
The Average Number of Guests Decreases 39% Over 8 Years
Average Length of Engagement 2005 to 2014
Average Wedding Cost to Average Number of Guests 2006 to 2014

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