Custom Research

Looking for answers to your questions? Our custom research options might be able to help.

Complete custom study

We can conduct a custom survey on our channel, completely online, asking couples to participate in the survey. We can do it with no offer of reward or we can offer them a chance to win something by participating. If you choose to do no reward, it just takes longer to collect samples. if you offer a reward, you will likely get samples faster, plus you will get a chance to capture their contact information.

For 10 of your questions and up to 10 demographic questions, plus some up front screening questions. 800-900 samples for $12,500. This will likely take between 1-3 months depending on the method, reward or no reward.

Add questions to our cost survey (limited availability)

We can add up to 4 questions to our standard cost survey at $2,500 ea, per year. You will get between 700-900 samples per question. Survey runs all year round. You will also get 19 demographic questions answered for each question that you have.

For the cost survey, we only show the survey participant random sections of the cost categories to take, then the demographic questions. Because of this method, it takes longer to get all of the cost categories answered. We would put your questions under the appropriate category so anytime someone would be presented with that category they will be required to answer your questions.

Single poll questions

This is where we ask users a single random question about some specific topic, with an opt out if it doesn't apply to them. This happens when they search for wedding cost or use the wedding cost estimator on our site if they have not been to the site in the last 30 days, for a search or estimate creation they will have to answer a poll question prior to getting the answer. After they have answered the poll question, they will not be asked a new poll question again for 30 days.

You can ask as many questions as you want at $250 per question for between 500-750 samples per question. These samples do not include any demographics data. We typically like to run a series of questions, say 10-20 questions on one survey and then randomly display 1 question from the series for someone to answer. It typically takes 1-2 days per question to get 500-750 samples. If you have 10 questions, plan for 10-15 days to get the answers.

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