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Pro Membership Includes:

  • Unlimited access to all markets. Markets include; United States (aggregate), 50 US states plus Washington DC, 933 Metropolitan Areas, 3,110 Counties, and 30,066 Zip Codes
  • Over 400 wedding facts for each market
  • 59 products and services
  • View online, download markets to PDF, and limited CSV downloads
  • Quarterly cost updates on 59 products and services
  • CSV downloads with No. of Weddings, Average Cost, Median Cost, and Spending Distribution for 59 products and services
  • CSV downloads at the State, Metro, & County levels (includes Counties & Zip Codes in State, Metro or County)
  • Pricing Tool

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Premium Membership Includes:

  • Everything in Pro Membership
  • Advanced Data Downloads (CSV downloads to all markets at the US, State, Metro, & County, Zip Code levels and includes all data we have for each market)
  • (NEW in 2019) Access to an exclusive, private email discussion group which includes;
    • Industry opportunities and advanced research on a variety of wedding industry topics not found anywhere else sent daily (sometimes), weekly, monthly
    • Ability to ask detailed questions about the wedding market. If we don't have the answer or cannot obtain it quickly without additional surveys, then we'll offer to research the topic for a reduced fee
    • Opportunity to communicate, learn, and build relationships with others in the group

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