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To find wedding statistics for your market, enter your US based zip code or select one of the browse options below. Wedding Statistics from 2008 to 2021 for 55 products and services in 10 categories, plus much more. Markets include: United States (aggregate), 50 US states plus Washington DC, four (4) Regions, nine (9) Divisions, 917 Metropolitan Areas, 3,110 Counties, and 29,581 Zip Codes. This is largest collection of wedding market research of its kind in the world.

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2016 Q3 Average Cost of Wedding in the U.S. Up 1/10th of a percent to $26,536
Pickled Foods at a Wedding Reception Garner a 58.3% Negative Vote
62.2% Are Not In Favor of Gueridon Wedding Service
Drip Cakes Not An Attractive Option for 54.7% of Couples
A Wedding Planner’s Social Pages Have Little Bearing on Hiring Decisions, Say 60.6% of Couples
60.1% of Respondents Do Not Think a Planner’s Office Style Matters
A Wedding Planner’s Style Matters to 67% of Couples
45.8% of Survey Takers Love Wedding Day Boudoir Photos
Highlight Videos Garner Mixed Reactions From 41% of Couples
Action Shot Wedding Photography Garners Favorable 69.7%

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